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 Our pieces of restyled, painted furniture are now available to view and buy at The Stained Glass Centre, Killerby Lane,


 Pictured below, all pieces have had very thorough makeovers, with attention to detail, and each piece is finished with

 several coats of wax to give it durability and a pleasing sheen... Some pieces come with custom-cut glass tops which

 protect, but also give a stylish finish.

 All pieces come with a 'touch-up pack' of paint and wax.

 You can view them or call for pricing information at The Stained Glass Centre, Killerby, Tel: 01723 581236

Bureau 002s Stag 4 drawer chest 5s 8085s 8078s 8076s 8080s 8091s Black Cupboard s Black Cupboard interior s Copper desk s Stencil drawers s Oak barley twist table Table top s Hexagonal s Hexagonal table top s